Tres Belle Petite Medi-Spa

Laser - IPL Laser Facial




When you’re dealing with issues such as rosacea and sun damage, many creams fail to yield results or they take forever to show even the slightest change. IPL/Laser is literal magic for these exact skin concerns. You may see astounding results in just one session.

From sun spots, sun damage and age spots to enlarged pores, rosacea and broken capillaries, Tres Belle’s advanced technology seamlessly and effectively addresses all of the above during your treatment session. A pulsed light is applied to the skin, you are likely to not feel anything or to feel a gentle snap.

With treatment for face, hands, and décolleté available, you can have flawless skin everywhere.

Your session begins with a skin assessment, followed by a customized protocol based on your needs.

Your skin will be treated to double cleansing and serum infusions to accelerate your results and enhance luminosity.

Each session includes:

  • Skin assessment

  • Exfoliating or oxygenating cleansing massage

  • IPL application 

  • Soothing cleanse 

  • Custom serum Infusion

  • Finishing cream

We typically suggest three to four sessions to achieve optimal results. We’re happy to discuss multi-session pricing based on your skin assessment.

Our technology plumps and smooths skins surface on all skin types.

Any additional services or treatment add-ons with a fee will be discussed with you before your session begins. 

We are proud to offer natural and vegan treatments upon request at no extra charge. 

Our treatments are suitable for all genders.

Price Per Session

Face: $300
DécollEté: $285
ARMS & Hands: $350