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Face-Masks Demystified

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Face-Masks Demystified

Moisturizers are the work-out. Masks are training sessions.

Masks are a wonderful weekly or bi-weekly addition to any beauty routine but especially necessary for those working to correct a particular issue. If you consider them using a fitness metaphor, they are your personal training session. Masks are a quick delivery system of highly active, high dose ingredients. They contain solvents that create just the right product consistency to ensure penetration deeper into the skin. Because masks are so active and potent, they support the efficacy of creams and help maintain results between professional skin care treatments.

Moisturizers are your daily skin support. Most help to correct skin issues over time while also protecting the skin during the day and regenerating the skin at night. The results of moisturizers (or any skin lotion) are based on accumulative use. They are your daily grind, your everyday work-out. The best lotions and creams can help the skin to heal itself and begin to strengthen it after regular use.

Skincare isn’t limited to masks and moisturizers, but for the purpose of this post. Ultimately you’ll want to keep a daily routine for fresh healthy skin and for the pure joy of self-care. It might look something like this:
Cleanse: purifies skin
Tone: re-balances the skins PH levels, might hydrate, exfoliate depending on formula
Serum: concentrated ingredients in light liquid form, improves efficacy of lotions
Eye Cream: formulated with small molecular structure for the delicate skin around the eyes (morning only)
(THIS IS WHEN YOU MASK) 1-2 x per week recommended
Moisturizer/Lotion: in the morning, protects and in the evening works to support specific concerns such as acne or aging
Sunscreen: protects skin from sun radiation, should be applied multiple times through out day (morning/afternoon only)

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Your skin protects your organs. Skincare is self-care.
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Yours In Sunscreen,

Hello Gorgeous,
Skincare masks are having a moment. With sheet masks that can make you look like a panda, and ingredients like bird poop (yes, really), the mask has made it’s way into our popular culture and vernacular. Masking has been touted as a lifestyle by everyone from Chrissy “sheet-mask on a plane” Teigen to Gen Z’ers saturating Instagram with group masking hang-outs. Fad aside, this post aims to clarify the difference between masks and moisturizers and also, the how, when and why of masking.

Chrissy “masks on a plane” Teigen

Chrissy “masks on a plane” Teigen

Allison Tray