Tres Belle Petite Medi-Spa

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Give tired, dull skin a wake up!

Using a combination of refreshing "champagne bubble" texture and other ultra-innovative formulations, this treatment is a revolution in skincare.

This exciting protocol uses heavily researched ingredients that allow for optimal oxygenation and protein support, creating an energized feeling.

This exceptional anti-pollution treatment stimulates the epidermis to réoxygéner the skin tissue, resulting in very bright skin that looks lit from within.

Tres Belle's estheticians will always analyze your skin before starting any treatment so we can treat your skin accordingly.

Book the service you like most. We'll always calibrate it for your specific needs based on our professional assessment.

Any additional services or treatment add-ons with a fee will be discussed with you before your session begins. 

We are proud to offer natural and vegan treatments upon request at no extra charge. 

Our treatments are suitable for all genders.