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Face-Masks Demystified

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Move it, Lightweight. Summer To Fall Swaps.


I hope this finds you cleansed and cozy. The October installment of my First Friday newsletter featured services to support your skin during the transition to fall. As the leaves crisp and the wine is served mulled, we are well on our way to the time of year that we do some skincare swapping. The humidity drops, the water in your skin evaporates much more quickly and don't get a gal started about the NYC indoor heat.

Start Swappin'

  • Trade your lotions for creams, which are a bit heavier.

  • If you've been using the same cream for day/night, try getting a separate day cream. Day creams have ingredients that not only hydrate the skin, they also protect the skin from severe weather.

  • If you don't currently use an eye-cream (gasp) start using one during the day. Ever get a dry under-eye? Not a good time.

  • Make sure you hydrate after you exfoliate.

  • Sleep with a humidifier to get your daily dose of humidity.

  • Don't slow down on your water intake. You need just as much water in winter.

Let Your Lotion Buddy Up To Your Lettuce.

Beauty fridges are all the rage on social media. How about cleaning off a back shelf in your fridge and keeping your lightweights there? You'll know they'll be fresh and ready to go with you on your winter trip to Bali. When winter's chill is chased away by summer breezes, you can put them back into full rotation.

Be thankful for your skin, it protects your entire body.

Yours in Sunscreen,
PS Thankful for YOU

Allison Tray