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Laser - Acne Clear

Acne Clear



Our Acne Clear protocol is nothing short of mind-blowing.

Using the most sophisticated blue light technology, we can eradicate cystic acne from its origin — deep below the epidermis.

Our multi-level approach not only kills active acne, it also prevents acne from reoccurring in the treatment area. Acne Clear also eases the redness of active infection.

Your Tres Belle Acne Clear sessions include a comprehensive approach to address your skin’s health and revive the luminosity you had before acne affected your life.

In these sessions, we incorporate Biologique Recherche acne target products, the most researched and effective on the market.

Your sessions may also include microdermabrasion, masking, and serum infusion.

During your consultation we will develop a protocol specifically for your skin and discuss your recommended visit schedule.

We also offer the Acne Prescription Facial.

Any additional services or treatment add-ons with a fee will be discussed with you before your session begins. 

We are proud to offer natural and vegan treatments upon request at no extra charge. 

Our treatments are suitable for all genders.

2 Acne Clear VISITs: $350